Tim Kiah - Bio


At a young age Tim Kiah attended the Boston Boy Choir School. In addition to singing
sacred music with the choir, he also performed with the likes of the Boston Symphony Orchestra
under the direction of Seiji Ozawa. While at the Choir School, he also had an opportunity to
perform with Leonard Bernstein, but was not well enough behaved. Tim studied composition at the
Eastman School of Music while obtaining a degree in Nursing from the University of Rochester.
He also received an MFA in Music from the City College of New York where he studied
composition with David Del Tredichi, as well as the double bass with Ron Carter.

Upon moving to New York in 2002, he formed a group called Nurse Kaya in an effort to
emphasize the healing nature of music. Comprised of string players and a percussionist from the
Eastman and Juilliard Schools of Music, Nurse Kaya composed, rehearsed, and performed as a
collective. As part of the group's mission to bring new music to challenged audiences, the ensemble
performed in hospitals, nursing homes, and prisons; and dressed in medical attire. In 2005, Nurse
Kaya was awarded a grant from Chamber Music America to tour the Rocky Mountain region of
Colorado where they performed concerts and workshops for students and diverse audiences. The
group was also featured on NPR and by ASCAP.

Tim is also a member of a quintet called Sotto Voce, which blends poetry, improvisation,
and art song. The quintet, led by saxophonist Roy Nathanson, has been aired on NPR, BBC, and
NDR (the equivalent of NPR in Germany), and performs internationally. They also work with
adolescent children conducting workshops that combine music composition and poetry, and bring
students from different countries together. As a composer, Kiah was commissioned in 2004 by La
Mama Theatre for a music, dance, and multi media production of Homer's Odyssey. He is also a
member of the Chelsea Symphony Orchestra, which has featured his Symphonic Works. As an
arranger, his work was performed by Debby Harry and the Northern Sinfonia Chamber Orchestra
in the spring of 2011 in Newcastle, England. He is also premiering a reduction of the Nutcracker
for String Quartet & Wind Quintet by the Gusto Chamber Players this December.

Tim has also performed and recorded with Joan LaBarbara and Lenny Kavitz. In addition,
he has recorded a Children's Album with his band Astrograss that was produced by Dan Zanes. He
currently resides in Brooklyn.